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Welcome to Champion!

Champion is a sports ministry that helps amateur and professional athletes become fully devoted followers of Christ.


At Champion, we strive to have an available chaplain who can serve athletes in their environment and on their time. Our team of chaplains continues to grow as more athletes realize the advantage of the friendship and mentorship chaplains provide.

Chapel Services

Before games, chaplains provide and facilitate a team-specific group service for interested players designed to encourage athletes on their professional and spiritual journey. Chapel services are times for teammates to grow closer with God and each other.

Bible Studies

Every week, players are invited by the chaplain to attend a bible study where they can learn more about God’s word, ask important questions, and grow in their own spiritual journey. Bible studies help cultivate confidence and direction for players’ lives.


See Champion Sports Ministries in action helping athletes become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Chapel Service


Player Baptisms


Player Hangouts


Our Chaplains

Meet the individuals who serve the players as chaplains for Champion Sports Ministries.

Aaron Jackson

Birmingham Beavers

Al Beahn

Westside Woolly Mammoths

Kyle Murphy

Eastside Diamond Hoppers

Marty Ream

Utica Unicorns

Ray Ortega

Sacramento River Cats (AAA)